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The Packaging Planet’s new Instant Quotes feature makes it quicker and simpler than ever to request an estimate for your custom packaging. We are aware that waiting can be difficult, particularly when it’s for a quote on the new bespoke packaging you’ve been dreaming of.Because of this, we’ve updated the pricing on some of our quoted products so that you can now see an estimated price for the packing option of your choosing right away. And using it couldn’t be easier! In this post, we’ll outline a detailed process for obtaining an instant quote and the importance of our custom packaging for our company.

Select the Product that you Want to Package

This could be the most difficult step in the procedure overall. Look through the packaging products available from The Packaging Planet and select the one that best fits the requirements of your brand.

But step it up a level! The packaging option that can do more for you than just ship your goods is the ideal option.

Select an Item that will Fulfill its Purpose and Attract the Attention of Potential Buyers

A shipment box might work just fine. However, a personalized double-sided mailbox will leave a lasting impression on your clients and encourage them to return.

Expert Advice: The ideal packing will surpass your expectations.

Tell us what you’re looking for

Click on our website to begin the Instant Quote procedure after you’re certain about the packaging you want to utilize for your brand. You will then be able to view all of the package details, such as the features, inspirations, and frequently asked questions, on the product page that you selected. After that, you may choose “Get a quote” and begin inputting the information to personalize your own package. Certain goods could ask you to enter different information.

When it comes to the Rigid Box with Lid, begin by determining the size and quantity that you are interested in for your box. Choose “Continue to Configuration” after that. You can choose further specifics for your bespoke packaging in this subsequent step, such as the type of foil and thickness of the material.

Obtain a Free Quote Now

The last few pieces of information, such as your shipping country and the details of your unique design, can then be added. It’s acceptable if you don’t have a precise design ready. Additionally, you have the option to attach packaging that inspires you and include a brief description of the design you want for your package in the notes section. And that’s it! At the bottom of the page, you should now be able to view the whole projected cost for your custom packaging.

Pro Tip: Instant quotes are continuously updated. Try out a few different possibilities to see what suits your spending limit.

Choosing “Talk to us” will allow you to complete the procedure. Once you enter your personal information, a packaging specialist will promptly call you to provide you with the final quote. You’ll also get the chance to go over any details related to your design so that everything turns out exactly as you want it. You won’t have to wait to receive a customized offer when you use Instant Quotes. This allows you to evaluate a number of packing options and select the one that best fits your requirements, both financially and functionally. That’s all, sweetie! You might be able to save time and money by requesting instant quotations. It’s your turn right now. It’s time to start creating your unique bundle now.

With Our Custom Packaging Box, which Fits your Brand the Best?


The Best Accessories for Valuable Items:

 For really valuable packaging items, you can trust our custom boxes. They provide the perfect fit for your items since they are designed to ensure that the lid is always on and the contents inside the box are kept safe.

Safe & Secure:

Adding a small lock and some sturdy boxes with thoughtful packing increases the added security of the items being stored.

Easy to Use:

 Our bespoke boxes’ special shape, which enables them to flip to the side of the compartment when opened and back onto it when closed, makes them easy to use.


 To give our products a sturdy and substantial appearance, we at The Packaging Planet use tightly pressed sheets or laminated creative papers. As a result, it fortifies them against unfavorable conditions, protecting your goods.

Stylish and Basic Design:

 The wonderful colorful print and elegant, subtle design of the bespoke boxes make your products look even more beautiful and enticing.

Superior-Quality Custom Box with Removable Flip Lid

In addition, we only provide you with hinged, rigid boxes that are high-quality, elegant, and masterfully constructed. These boxes protect and maintain your valuables while also giving them a luxurious appearance and feel.

Improved Boxes:

 The robust boxes we use to print in full color enhance the look and feel of your goods. Nonetheless, we use vivid designs, crisp graphics, and captivating visuals to wow customers and keep you ahead of the competition.

Dependable Sturdy Boxes Personalized Boxes:

 There’s no need to be scared of the unknown when it comes to our robust, bespoke boxes. Thus, we concentrate mostly on providing dependable and high-quality bespoke packaging boxes.

Inexpensive Rigid Box with Flip Lid that Hinges:

 We enable you to save even more money by giving you the best rigid box at a significantly lower cost. Thus, there are no hidden costs or setup charges.

How We Work Together With You

Our main objective would be to construct your personalized box using top-notch components and industry-standard methods. But to find out more about the stages of our production process, keep reading:


 Here, we help you choose the best solutions for your stiff box by offering free design advice. Thus, this is where the production process begins.

Prepare the necessary items:

 Once you’ve chosen your designs and style, the next step is to prepare the best materials for the stiff personalized box.

Select the materials:

 After the material processing is finished, we settle on the materials to be used for your personalized box.

Form Mold:

 This step involves marking printing plates to correspond with your design selections.


Following the shape mold is the printing process. Therefore, we may print your bespoke box in accordance with your desired style and design.


 After completing the previously described steps, you can glue your personalized rigid box using a machine or by hand. Thus, this stage marks the official end of the production process.

Why Pick the Packaging Planet?

There is nothing more perfect than a custom hard box that perfectly and accurately fits your needs for packing. However, it could be difficult to select the best bespoke rigid box builder for your needs, given the abundance of possibilities. Here are a few justifications for selecting us for your entirely custom packaging.

Without Requiring a Minimum Purchase Amount:

 You don’t need to worry about how many orders you wish to place when working with us. Orders can be placed for any quantity you like.

Fast Response Time:

 There are no delays in the processing of your order. However, we’ll get to work on your order as soon as you place it, so you can expect rapid delivery.

Superb Printing:

 You will receive all the necessary information and be guided through designs. You may also choose the design of your customized box with the assistance of our design support specialists.

Free Illustration:

To help you see what your final purchase will look like, we are providing you with free illustrations. As soon as we have confirmation of your order, we will deliver this sample.

Excellent Customer Service:

 Our customer support platform is available to you around-the-clock since we firmly believe that the best customer service is obtained through efficient methods. If you have any questions prior to, during, or following production, please contact us.

Budget-Friendly Prices:

We provide custom packaging boxes at reasonable prices that will fit into any budget. Thus, our personalized boxes are not so expensive.

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